Welcome to Channel Islands Harbor

The Gateway to the Channel Islands

Channel Islands Harbor Things to do - Sportsfishing, Whale Watching, Island Tours.


Charter's leaving daily from Southern California's Channel Islands Harbor. The harbor has the best access to Sport Fishing, Diving, Island Tours, and Sailing .

Things to do - Dining at Channel Islands Harbor


Channel Islands Harbor Restaurants, from casual to fine dining. Harbor atmosphere includes outdoor patios with live music. Indoor dining overlooking the marinas and harbor for the best views.

Things to do - Water Recreation and Sports at Channel Islands Harbor Rentals

Water Recreation

Bring your kayak, paddleboard, rowboat, or just go fishing off the bank. There is a lot of recreational things to do at Channel Islands Harbor. Plenty of shops and rental places to help accommodate you with your day of fun.


There's marinas all around Channel Islands Harbor for every vessel from a small boat to a large yacht. Both power boats and sailboats use this harbor for easy access to the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands.


Enjoy yourself at the beach. Oxnard has Silver Strand Beach, a south facing beach, Hollywood Beach a west facing beach, and Kiddies Beach, protected in the Channel Islands Harbor. So have fun in the sun and enjoy the water.


Parks are located all around Channel Islands Harbor. Great for a picnic or some type of afternoon outing. Check out the information on thing such as live music, tennis courts, and recreation for the kids.